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The Local Plan & The Neighbourhood Plan


The Local Plan is developed by Calderdale Council and sets out development targets and policies for the whole of Calderdale.  The Neighbourhood Plan cannot be in direct conflict with the Local Plan, but it gives us the opportunity to address issues and needs which are specific to the Hebden Royd and Hilltop Parishes area.  We are working to influence the Local Plan to ensure it does not conflict with our ambitions for the area.

Quantity of Development

The Local Plan will set out the minimum amount of residential and employment development required in our area, and will identify suitable sites for this development.  Any development outside the sites identified in the Local Plan will not count towards the minimum target figure.  Therefore we are keen to get as many suitable sites included within the Local Plan as possible, as this will reduce the need for development on sites which may face local opposition.

Site Identification

The Local Plan will identify where new developments should go.  If you know of a site which could potentially be developed, you can submit it to Calderdale for assessment for suitability:


The Local Plan will review the boundaries of the Greenbelt.  This is land which is intended to be protected from development to maintain a separation between settlements and prevent urban sprawl.  We will work with Calderdale to try and ensure that any changes to the Greenbelt boundaries are kept to a minimum, and that development takes place on previously built on sites, known as 'Brownfield', wherever possible.

Local Green Space

The Local Plan can protect areas of green space which are important to local communities.  You can apply to Calderdale to have sites considered for designation as a protected Local Green Space:

If you know of a space which you think would benefit from protection, please get in touch.

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