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A Neighbourhood Plan for Hebden Royd and Hilltop Parishes - A Brief Guide


o The Parishes of Blackshaw, Erringden, Hebden Royd, Heptonstall and Wadsworth have been given permission by Calderdale Council (the Local Planning Authority) to work together to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the area. 


The Neighbourhood Plan must pass both an Independent Examination and a Public Referendum before it will have legal effect.  Once passed, any planning application will be judged against the criteria set out in the Neighbourhood Plan, as well as existing Local and National planning policy.


The Neighbourhood Plan will have legal weight, and planning applications which do not meet with the policies it contains will not be granted permission.


Other parts of the country have already established Neighbourhood Plans, and test cases have shown that Neighbourhood Plans work and that Courts are observing the policies they contain.


There is very little restriction on what conditions or criteria we can or cannot include within the Neighbourhood Plan, however, we must:

  • Ensure we are not preventing development from being viable;

  • Provide for at least as much development as required by the Local Plan; and

  • Ensure that our proposals do not excessively adversely affect the environment.


Guidance states that Neighbourhood Plans are most likely to be successful and effective where they focus on a few key land use issues which can be influenced by the introduction of focused planning criteria or policies.


For further information about the Neighbourhood Plan for Hebden Royd and the Hilltop Parishes, please contact Emma Green, Neighbourhood Manager on or 01422 842 181.


For further information about Neighbourhood Planning more generally, see:

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