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o  A neighbourhood plan must address the development and use of land.

o The draft neighbourhood plan must pass a public referendum before becoming adopted.

o Once adopted, a neighbourhood plan is legally binding, and planning applications within the neighbourhood plan area will be determined in accordance with its policies.

o Our Neighbourhood Plan will cover the parishes of Blackshaw, Erringdon, Hebden Royd, Heptonstall and Wadsworth.  Click on the map on the left to view the area.

o Read our 1-page brief guide for more information.

oThe neighbourhood plan must be compatible with the Local Plan, and we are working with Calderdale to acheive this.  Find out more about the role of the two plans here.

Can do
  • A neighbourhood plan could include policies to set out the materials, style or character of development that would be appropriate within a specific area.

  • Can includes policies which are specific to only part of the whole Neighbourhoood Plan area.

  • clude policies to ensure developments address local environmental concerns, such as erosion, flooding or air pollution.

Can't do
  • A neighbourhood plan cannot seek to prevent all development.

  • A neighbourhood plan cannot impose conditions which renders development not viable.

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Timescales & Process

The Neighbourhood Plan must pass an Independent Examination before being allowed to go to a Referendum.  It must pass the referendum in order to be adopted and become legally enforceable.  Everyone on the electorall roll within the area covered by the neighbourhood plan will be eligbile to vote in the Referendum, and the Plan will be adopted if it gains more than 50% of the votes, whatever the turnout.


We will be holding a series of consultations as we prepare the Plan and move towards submitting the final draft to the Independent Examiner and the Referendum.  Please see our consultations page for details of current consultations, or you can contact us at any time using one of the options listed here.


We have aligned the development of our Neighbourhood Plan to the timescales envisaged by Calderdale MBC in producing their Local Plan, as we believe this will give us the best chance of influencing the Local Plan in our favour, and of making our Neighbourhood Plan effective.  This means we are aiming to have our final draft Plan ready for submission to an Independent Examiner in early Spring 2019, shortly after Calderdale MBC will have submitted its Local Plan for its own Independent Examination.  We anticipate that a Referendum will take place in mid 2019, although this may be subject to change depending on the requirements of the Independent Examiner.

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