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January Update 2020

Where is the Neighbourhood Plan!

We can assure you that it is certainly on it's way. Following an initial draft prepared in early spring 2019, it became apparent that there were certain elements missing from the work. The most significant of these was the requirement for Strategic Environmental Assessments where the Neighbourhood Plan seeks to allocate key sites as suitable for development on an appropriate scale.

These sites are:

Callis Mill, Eastwood

Market Place, Hebden Bridge

Former Walkley's Clogs Mill, Halifax Road

Mytholmroyd Community Centre site

Mytholmroyd Village Canalside

Mytholmroyd Village Core

Mytholmroyd St Michael’s area

This is a complex piece of work, beyond the capacity of the Neighbourhood Planning Committee, as such funding was sought, granted and work has now commenced on these assessments with planning consultants Aecom. It is hoped that as we move towards spring, this work will near completion and the plan can continue to move forward.

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